Final Project… It is Complete.

For my final project, I did a video on technology use in college students. More specifically, students uses of laptops and smartphones. Also, the use of social media platforms. To convey this, I used video, audio, photography and design elements to comprise the final product.

Video:  The video aspect was the main part of my project. I used my iPhone to record all the video and used iMovie to compose the video. Throughout the course I have used iMovie for multiple assignments, so I didn’t have trouble using iMovie to record and edit my videos.

Audio:  For the audio parts of the assignment, I used iMovie to record myself. I tried to use Audacity and import my voice to iMovie, but I had trouble doing that. The quality of the audio in iMovie was just as good and it was a lot easier to put with my video clips/pictures. Another part of audio for my project was the background music that I added to the entire video. I used the website vid to mp3 to download the song that I found on youtube.

Photography:  For the photography part of the assignment, I used my iPhone and my webcam to take pictures. I also found a few images using Google. This part was very easy because I photographed some pretty basic things like an iPhones and laptops.

Design:   For the design part, I used my images to create a collage of different types of technology and a collage of technology use in different settings. To make the collage I used fotor. I also used some design techniques to add different transitions, color schemes and all together make the video flow better.

To gather the research I used a study conducted by Pearson, a business website , and a research website.

Overall, I feel like my project turned out well. I think it will be very informative to students about how much we use technology and how much it impacts our lives.

I hope you enjoy my video!

Here is the link to my advice for the next group of students who take this class.

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Hi! I'm Emily and I'm a sophomore, psychology major at UMW. I'm not very savvy when it comes to technology so enjoy my blog as I learn more about the Internet.

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