Best of DS106

  1. This was a daily create done by Brianna McClain. I thought her editing was great! The goal of this daily create was to make a girl have human arms. I really did LOL at this one. I think that her caption for the picture was perfect! #waitingforthemixtape

2. I really liked this assignment bank activity done by Kristin O’Connell. It was a really cool way to get to know her. She traveled 30,000 miles in 3 weeks! CRAZY??? She did a great job taking screenshots using Google Maps. I also liked how she added pictures from each of her stops, it made it more personal.

3. I really liked Anna’s Werewolf Sound Effects. She did a great job using computer generated sounds to make it sound like an actual wolf. It all blended really well and had some cool effects to make it sound different than the traditional sound of a werewolf.

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