My Dad

The last assignment I did this week was making a video montage of a special person. It was worth 5 stars. I picked my dad. He has been my number one fan my whole life. My dad attended every dance recital, band concert, soccer game and so many other events. I am really lucky to have a dad like him. He has really shaped me into the person I am today.

I used iMovie to create this assignment. I uploaded pictures from my computer and used a Theme on iMovie to better organize my video. I then added music that I got from a youtube video that I used the fastest free Youtube Downloader to save the video as an mp3. The only problem I ran into was cutting the audio to fit the video, I thought I got it to work but after uploading it I realized it wasn’t cut right. After I finished, I uploaded the video to Youtube.  I really enjoyed doing this assignment!