Final Project… It is Complete.

For my final project, I did a video on technology use in college students. More specifically, students uses of laptops and smartphones. Also, the use of social media platforms. To convey this, I used video, audio, photography and design elements to comprise the final product.

Video:  The video aspect was the main part of my project. I used my iPhone to record all the video and used iMovie to compose the video. Throughout the course I have used iMovie for multiple assignments, so I didn’t have trouble using iMovie to record and edit my videos.

Audio:  For the audio parts of the assignment, I used iMovie to record myself. I tried to use Audacity and import my voice to iMovie, but I had trouble doing that. The quality of the audio in iMovie was just as good and it was a lot easier to put with my video clips/pictures. Another part of audio for my project was the background music that I added to the entire video. I used the website vid to mp3 to download the song that I found on youtube.

Photography:  For the photography part of the assignment, I used my iPhone and my webcam to take pictures. I also found a few images using Google. This part was very easy because I photographed some pretty basic things like an iPhones and laptops.

Design:   For the design part, I used my images to create a collage of different types of technology and a collage of technology use in different settings. To make the collage I used fotor. I also used some design techniques to add different transitions, color schemes and all together make the video flow better.

To gather the research I used a study conducted by Pearson, a business website , and a research website.

Overall, I feel like my project turned out well. I think it will be very informative to students about how much we use technology and how much it impacts our lives.

I hope you enjoy my video!

Here is the link to my advice for the next group of students who take this class.

What to Expect When You’re… Signed up for DS106

Digital Story telling fulfills a gen ed. here at Mary Washington. That was the main reason why I took this course. This course is a lot of work. However, the work is very much enjoyable. Sometimes you will want to throw your computer at a wall because you can’t figure out how to edit audio on Audacity or properly crop an image on Photoshop, but overall the work is very fun.

My advice to you, is to not wait until the last minute to start assignments. It may not seem like a lot when you read it in the weekly posts, but some of the assignments can take a while. Especially when you don’t know what you’re doing.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help. I didn’t always ask for help when I needed it because it was an online course and I couldn’t really go to office hours. But reaching out to students in the class is really helpful.  A big take away that I got from this class was that we are all a community, built off one another and that we should work together (but not cheat).

One thing that I wish I knew before I took this course was that I was going to need to download editing software and music programs. My computer is fairly new but I did struggle a lot with having enough storage and finding the programs for free.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time in Digital Storytelling. Mr. Bond was a wonderful professor, even though I never met him, who was always willing to help in anyway he could. I highly recommend this course! I used to be a grandma when it came to technology and now I feel like I’m the cool aunt of technology.

Final Project Update #2

I ran into a few problems with my original idea. I wanted to talk about how much technology I use in a week, but since it was a holiday, it wasn’t being used as much.

Instead, I decided that I am going to make my project about how much technology an average person uses. I have taken some videos of my classmates, roommates and co workers to show how technology is used in different settings. I have also done some research on some stats about technology use. Overall I am feeling pretty good about how this project is coming together. Although it wasn’t my original plan, I think it is still going to turn out well.

Final Project Update

After reading about the final project, I started to come up with some idea. I have decided that I would like to use photography, audio, video and design element. After doing some research, I want to do my final project as a video of clips of my daily life, more specifically my use of different types of technology with my day to day activities.

I am going to start recording clips next week, then use the following week to edit the clips and put it all together.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Number 18 on the field, Number 1 in my heart

For this assignment, I had to create a highlight reel for an athlete. It was worth 5 stars. I picked Peyton Manning, the former quarterback for the Broncos and the Colts. To complete this assignment, I looked at the tutorial that was posted with the assignment. It was very helpful.

First, I downloaded some Youtube videos using the fastest youtube video downloader, of Peyton Manning. Next I uploaded them to iMovie. I cut down some of the clips and picked some of my favorite plays. After, I downloaded the instrumental version of All I Do Is Win, for background music. Finally, I inserted an opening title and ending credits.

Overall, I thought this assignment was fairly easy. I am getting more comfortable with iMovie, the more I use it. I uploaded it to Youtube for everyone to view.


My Dad

The last assignment I did this week was making a video montage of a special person. It was worth 5 stars. I picked my dad. He has been my number one fan my whole life. My dad attended every dance recital, band concert, soccer game and so many other events. I am really lucky to have a dad like him. He has really shaped me into the person I am today.

I used iMovie to create this assignment. I uploaded pictures from my computer and used a Theme on iMovie to better organize my video. I then added music that I got from a youtube video that I used the fastest free Youtube Downloader to save the video as an mp3. The only problem I ran into was cutting the audio to fit the video, I thought I got it to work but after uploading it I realized it wasn’t cut right. After I finished, I uploaded the video to Youtube.  I really enjoyed doing this assignment!

Instant Replay

This assignment was worth 4 stars. The goal of this assignment was to find a video and create an instant replay from part of the video. Here is the link to the original assignment: I used iMovie to create this video. I didn’t have any trouble doing it because I have used the slow motion feature before. I found the video on youtube and used fastest free Youtube video downloader to save the video for editing .

After I finished this video, I uploaded it to YouTube. I hope you guys think it is funny, because I think it is hilarious!

Stop Motion

This video assignments was one of my favorites! I did a stop motion video in high school using the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar. It was a little more advanced than the video I did for this assignment, but it was still a lot of fun. The task was to create a 6 second video of yourself making art. Mine was 7 seconds… sorry. Here is the link to the original assignment. It was worth 3.5 stars. I used iMovie to create the video, I didn’t really have too much trouble using it but I found a Youtube video online with an easy tutorial to help me.

Here is the final product! Hope you all enjoy!

Best of DS106

  1. This was a daily create done by Brianna McClain. I thought her editing was great! The goal of this daily create was to make a girl have human arms. I really did LOL at this one. I think that her caption for the picture was perfect! #waitingforthemixtape

2. I really liked this assignment bank activity done by Kristin O’Connell. It was a really cool way to get to know her. She traveled 30,000 miles in 3 weeks! CRAZY??? She did a great job taking screenshots using Google Maps. I also liked how she added pictures from each of her stops, it made it more personal.

3. I really liked Anna’s Werewolf Sound Effects. She did a great job using computer generated sounds to make it sound like an actual wolf. It all blended really well and had some cool effects to make it sound different than the traditional sound of a werewolf.