Weekly Summary 11

This week was all about remixes and mashup. Here is a look at everything I did this week. I had a lot of fun doing these assignments and I learned how to use pixlr… and almost master it.

  1. Mashup 1
  2. Mashup 2
  3. Mashup 3
  4. Remix 1
  5. Remix 2
  6. Daily Creates

Super Emo

For this remix assignment I had to make my stop motion video more “emo.” I used vid to mp3 to download a metal song from youtube. Then I added the song to the video and changed the video to black and white, to make it “emo.”

Finally, I uploaded the video to Youtube.  Enjoy!

Country Remix

For this assignment I remixed a previous assignment, a highlight reel of Peyton Manning. The goal for the remix was to countrify the video. I used vid to mp3 to download the song “Gambler” by Kenny Rogers. I then added to to the video to make it “country”.

After, I uploaded the video to Youtube. Enjoy!




Week 10 Summary

This week was our second week of videos. I didn’t have much trouble this week because I learned how to use iMovie last week.

I really like using iMovie because it is very easy to import your own media and the editing process is fairly simple. After 2 weeks of making videos, I would say that I am pretty confident in my ability to use iMovie.


Peyton Manning Montage

Lyric Video

Daily Creates (2):



This assignment was worth 3.5 stars. The point of this assignment was to make a Vine of an object moving. After looking around my apartment, I found a potato. So why not make it move! I used my iPhone to record the vine and I used some of the music they have on Vine as the background music. This assignment was pretty easy.

It’s sad that Vine is no longer going to exist.


Lyric Video

For this week, I did a video assignment worth 5 stars. The goal of this assignment was to create a lyric video. I used iMovie to create the video and I used the website vid to mp3 to download the song. Sadly, I knew most of the lyrics to the song so I didn’t have to look them up… I kept the backgrounds pretty basic for this video because this song has a lot of words and I felt like that should be the main focus of the video. I did add some cool transitions to make the words pop a little more when they appeared on the screen. After I finished the video, I uploaded it to Youtube.


Final Project… It is Complete.

For my final project, I did a video on technology use in college students. More specifically, students uses of laptops and smartphones. Also, the use of social media platforms. To convey this, I used video, audio, photography and design elements to comprise the final product.

Video:  The video aspect was the main part of my project. I used my iPhone to record all the video and used iMovie to compose the video. Throughout the course I have used iMovie for multiple assignments, so I didn’t have trouble using iMovie to record and edit my videos.

Audio:  For the audio parts of the assignment, I used iMovie to record myself. I tried to use Audacity and import my voice to iMovie, but I had trouble doing that. The quality of the audio in iMovie was just as good and it was a lot easier to put with my video clips/pictures. Another part of audio for my project was the background music that I added to the entire video. I used the website vid to mp3 to download the song that I found on youtube.

Photography:  For the photography part of the assignment, I used my iPhone and my webcam to take pictures. I also found a few images using Google. This part was very easy because I photographed some pretty basic things like an iPhones and laptops.

Design:   For the design part, I used my images to create a collage of different types of technology and a collage of technology use in different settings. To make the collage I used fotor. I also used some design techniques to add different transitions, color schemes and all together make the video flow better.

To gather the research I used a study conducted by Pearson, a business website , and a research website.

Overall, I feel like my project turned out well. I think it will be very informative to students about how much we use technology and how much it impacts our lives.

I hope you enjoy my video!

Here is the link to my advice for the next group of students who take this class.